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Why Choose Us?

Peace of Mind

All tutors are interviewed by our founder (former IB coordinator, teacher and examiner) and required to teach as part of the selection process.  We check DBS, certificates, qualifications and only the small minority that meet the strict criteria make it through.

Learning and Cost Efficiency

Our online learning portal is a tool that supports a consistent approach to independent maths study and long-term retention of learning such that it could significantly reduce or completely remove the need you may have for a maths tutor.  There is much to be said for the outcomes of a blended learning approach and you can read more about our IB maths portal here.

Speed and Convenience

Message tutors directly via their online profile and get a response within minutes.  Direct communication at the beginning of your search ensures that you get the best tutor to suit your specific requirements - FAST.  All communications, bookings and payments can be managed from your phone.

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